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About Me

I became interested in translation after starting my bachelor's degree at the University of Birmingham, where I studied German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. During my studies, I took on some volunteer translation and undertook work experience during the summer breaks that would set me on the path to becoming a translator. I subsequently obtained my MA in translation from the University of Bath.

Upon finishing my master's in translation, I gained experience and training in patent translation in an in-house position. Afterwards, I went independent and have been providing freelance language services since 2018.

As a freelance translator, I started honing my skills in technical translation and now focus on providing accurate translations of patents and other texts in the fields of automotives, electrical engineering, manufacturing and mechanical engineering.

For me, quality and client satisfaction are always the top priorities as my livelihood depends on return customers. I pride myself on the quality of my work and the fact that I have not missed a deadline to date.

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