Each text presents its own set of challenges in terms of translation and it's not uncommon for a text fall into multiple fields. Contact me at maxjeremiahtranslator@gmail to get a free quote for your project.

Technical translation

I provide companies in the world of industry and manufacturing with technically precise and linguistically fluent target texts. My past projects include operating manuals, safety instructions, technical specifications, test report and sales and marketing literature.

Patent translation

Thanks to my in-house training and experience as a patent translator, my expertise in technical translation and strong research abilities, I can deliver accurate patent translations that conform with patent conventions.

Marketing translation

Accurate, fluent and impactful. I can help you to seamlessly market yourself in English-speaking markets. I can provide effective translations for your marketing material, including technical marketing literature, website content and brochures.

Proofreading and editing

Language is a medium to your product; linguistic errors shouldn't get in the way of you and your customer. Consistent, error-free and fluid texts therefore constitute an essential part of a professional brand image. I can provide monolingual proofreading for texts written in English and bilingual revision for texts translated into English.


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