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I translate patent documentation, such as descriptions, claims, written opinions and examination reports from international organisations, from German and Spanish to English in the fields of automotives, chemistry, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.



Industrial equipment, machine tools, operating manuals, safety instructions, technical specifications, test reports.



A document can go through many iterations, by which stage it's hard to see the wood for the trees. An editor's hand not only cleans up typographical and grammatical errors, but also ensures cohesion, factual accuracy and good style throughout the entire document.


Marketing material, technical reports, drive systems, brake systems.

Bilingual revision

Bilingual revision involves meticulously checking of the English text against the original text for accuracy, consistency and style.



Often under the pressure of a tight deadline, you need a text to be checked for errors. My proofreading services will ensure that no grammatical mistakes, typographical errors or omissions make it through to the final cut.

If your project doesn't seem to fall into any one of these categories, get in touch anyway as I may still be able to provide a solution:

Max Jeremiah

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