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Translation and Localisation for English-speaking Markets


  • Translation from German and Spanish into English

  • Editing of English texts

  • Marketing content localised for target audience

  • Transcription and subtitling of audiovisual content

Looking to have your texts and audiovisual content translated from German or Spanish and localised for English-speaking markets?


I can assist your German and Spanish-speaking company in reaching these markets with targeted marketing material, product descriptions and audiovisual content.

Assisting companies in translating specialised content for:

  • Automotives

  • Home appliances

  • Hydraulics

  • Machine tools

  • Industrial equipment

  • Operating and safety manuals

  • Patents and intellectual property

Ready to discuss the details of your project?

Contact me directly:


info (at)

Contact me directly:

Max Jeremiah


+44 (0) 79159 09843

info (at)

for a free quote on your project.

"Fast, accurate and neat work."

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